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JM Process Systems was incorporated in 1981 in the state of Illinois.

As a manufacturers' representative, our very first line was Aquatrol who was then a leading supplier of SCADA Systems for Water and Wastewater.

JMPS installed over 50 Aquatrol Systems throughout Northern Illinois.

We still manufacture SCADA Systems, but today they are all PLC based.

Along our journey, JMPS has acquired numerous instrumentation lines to complement the SCADA product offering.

Such lines included electromagnetic flowmeters, level transmitters, pressure transmitters, toxic gas transmitters, gas flow transmitters, chlorine residual transmitters, etc.

A few years ago we decided to expand our product offering to include process equipment. As you can see from our Product Lines page we carry a complete line of treatment equipment for Water & Wastewater.

At some point in time every piece of equipment requires service. The true test of a company is how it reacts to its customers service needs.

JMPS prides itself in offering timely & effective service.

Our business is treating our customers well by providing them with first class equipment backed by our assistance as they require it.

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