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Process Equipment, Instrumentation & Controls



Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps
Package Pump Stations
Trailer Mounted Pumps
Pump Control Valves
Altitude Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure Sustaining Valves
Biological Stimulants
Chain,Sprockets & Wear Strips for Rectangular Clarifiers
Lime Systems
Lime Slakers
Combustible & Toxic Gas Transmitters
Recessed Impeller Pumps
Chlorine Scales
Chemical Scales
Valve & Gate Electric Actuators
Jet Aeration Equipment
Sequential Batch Reactors
Oxidation Ditches
Doppler Flowmeters
Area Velocity Flowmeters
Transit Time Flowmeters
Iron & Manganese Greensand Filters
Nitrate Removal Ion Exchange
Radium Removal Systems
Ion Exchange Softeners
Shafted & Shaftless Conveyors
Sludge Loading Systems
Perforated Plate Screens
MultiRake Bar Screens
Grit Removal Systems
Clarifiers & Thickeners
Odor Control Equipment
Vertical Turbine Pumps
Floating Brush Aeration Rotors Floating Mixers
Fiberglass Metering Manholes
Fiberglass Shelters
Fiberglass Flow Measuring Flumes
Sluice Gates
Slide Gates
Flap Gates
Telescoping Valves
Mud Valves
Pressure Filters
Automatic Screen Filters
Centrifugal Sand Filters
Pump Suction Screens
Basket Strainers

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